It’s been over a decade of design, creation, and some mayhem.  Collaborating with brands, personalities and other creatives on all types of projects.  Never being a one trick pony and fear of boredom has pushed me into becoming a multidisciplinary creative.  With a start in niche markets with nontraditional clients I have had the opportunity to learn and master many skills.  I thrive on all kinds of design challenges and the problem solving it takes to find a creative solution.  Building solid relationships with clients and bringing campaigns to life is more then just a job for me.  It feeds a natural desire to create, while allowing me to participate in and give back to the many cultures that have helped shape who I am. 


Arbor Collective

Bern Unlimitied


Coalatree Organics


Flow Snowboards

Ford Automotive


Grenade Gloves

High Impact Media

Icelantic Skis

Launch Snowboards

Monster Energy


Nitro Snowboards

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pow Gloves

Purl Wax

Rome Design Syndicate


Street Factory Media

Syntropy Design Studio

TDA Boulder

Team Detroit

World Snowboard Tour

Yeti Cycles



Snowboard graphic of the year 2014: Snowboard Magazine

Best Helmet Graphics 2012: Snowboard Magazine Gear Guide

Best Female Helmet 2011: Freeskier Magazine Gear Guide


Thrasher Magazine: Canvas, Jan 2009.

Juxtapoz Magazine: Show Stoppers, July 2010.

LA Times: Business Section, June 2011.

Transworld Snowboarding: Best Midwest Terrain Parks, Dec 2012.

ESPN: TV and Web, summer 2013.